I almost did it again this morning. I just about wrote to someone I know on Facebook that the pain she has can be removed. That I can change or remove her pain. I didn’t because she has more than once told me she does not believe in healing, and that conventional medicine is her road to travel. I respect that but find it sad when people would rather eat pills than being healed.

I am not one for blowing my own horn. I know I am very good at what I do, but to me, it comes so naturally. I have always had these gifts, abilities, or what you want to call them.

I have always had past souls, spirit, and intuition in my life, so I don’t know how it would be without them. I am also a healer.
I want to tell you all about some of the things I have seen happen with healing when I lay my hand on others.

The Fishman with the broken back

About a year ago, I was at a market in town. The Fishman there was in pain, I could tell every time I had been there. I told him I would heal his pain. He told me he broke his back nine years ago and that I could not help him. He had tried just about anything and everything. I told him three times a week I would heal him for 5 minutes and no more. Being a young and smart man, he laughed but agreed since he was in very intense pain every day. At that point, he ate more than ten pills a day to keep the pain bearable.
For three months, he came three times a week, to get his 5 minutes of healing. Within two weeks, his pain was reduced, and he took only five pills a day, and after a month, he was off the medication. After three months, he told me he felt like a new man, and that his temper had even gotten impressively better. He was very grateful and had not been pain-free for more than eight years at that time.

A black lump in a woman

Another experience of mine was a woman who had a black bump on her wrist. She was in so much pain, and for almost two years, she had told me she did not believe in healing and all that woo stuff. I told her ok but knew I could help her. She slept with her hand in the air because she could not bear the pain. After two years of asking every month discreetly if she had changed her mind, she finally had so much pain it was unbearable. She changed her mind, and I told her it was going to be good for two weeks and then hurt like nothing else, and then be better. She laughed and told me she did still not believe it would change anything, but it was worth a try.

I put my hand on her wrist for 5 minutes twice a day, in the morning when I saw her and, in the afternoon, five days a week. At first, she felt a reduction in pain and then came another pain. Whenever I put my hand on her, it felt like I was using a bone saw she told me. It hurt, bad! I told her it would change within a week or two. I did nothing but hold her writs and redirect energy in that area. Some mornings she cried with pain when I held her wrist than it reduced again.

The black spot and bump got smaller, and she came one morning looking like she had lifted the Eiffel tower herself. She was ecstatic. I peeled potatoes last night, she said. I was puzzled but happy for her because it meant a lot to her. I remember like it was yesterday. I PEELED potatoes, she almost yelled. Then she explained that she had not been able to hold anything with her bad hand for years, almost five years, and she loved to cook. This was a major breakthrough. She was over the moon, and from there on it was working on getting the rest of her arm to be functional after years of not using it properly.

I healed her twice a day for almost seven months, and the lump disappeared, and the pain was gone. I told her I felt like she had to have an operation to fix the tendon in her wrist because I could not do that with healing. After the seven months, she had the operation and she is not pain-free, and the hand works like a charm. To this day, it still works fine and pain-free.

I have had so many of these magical moments where I can give people relief from illness, or I can change the amount or even remove the pain. I love this!
As I said at the start of this blog post, I would love to be able to heal people all the time, but people don’t believe in it or are afraid of it. There are a lot of people in the world that claim to heal and do none of the sorts. Some souls agree, and I love it when I get to heal them.
I would love to change everyone’s believes and lives as I have done so with a lot of people, but it is not a path we are all going to take. Some are not in a place where they can allow themselves to be healed.
That is ok! Thank you for reading and listening.

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