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by alicia

So, tell you about SoulGuide, or rather: What is SoulGuide?

Well, initially SoulGuide was just the name of my blog, but gradually it began to cover everything that I do, and it became more of an online identity.

My work consists in guiding people, as souls, to be the best that they can be and to love themselves as much as possible.
For many years I have tried to find just one word to describe what I do, and I have found that in the name SoulGuide, because I am guiding souls though their human experience.

I work as a clairvoyant, as a medium, as a spiritual mentor, a pattern breaker, the comforting shoulder. I don’t hold back the truth, but say things as I see them and as they are shown to me in a loving and caring dialog based in my desire to help.

How I work

In a session I use the tools and methods I find best and most efficient, whether that is contact with passed souls, clairvoyance, spiritual mentoring or coaching.
I speak with souls from “the other side,” called guides by some. You will be guided through the great challenges and questions in your life and you will have your eyes opened to new ways of viewing your life.
I have always had a unique ability to see and understand patterns and how to break out of them, even if these patterns go back several lives.



In a personal clairvoyant session I will kindly ask you guides, to help me provide the knowledge they see you need, to better understand where you are right now. Your guides are always with you, and know everything about you and their entire purpose is to help you. But in the busy everyday life that is our modern day reality, it can be difficult to listen.
During these sessions I tune in to your guides, and act as a mediator to make their message understandable to you.



When mentoring I tailor-make each course to fit individual needs, and act as a mentor over a period – a period which can vary in length depending on the needs – to enable you to reach your full potential. I will be available for sparing, counseling and following you through your personal progress.

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