SoulGuide offers a wide variety of sessions. If you happen to live in Denmark, or perhaps visit, you can come by - if not, then you can choose from many different communications platforms such as Skype, Zoom or regular phone calls.

About SoulGuide

Through many years, SoulGuide has helped people in need, using spiritual guidance. As a clairvoyant and psychic medium, Alicia has a deeper insight than most people, and will more often than not, be able to provide a different perspective.


Many types of events, both at physical locations but also online, the most popular being the monthly SoulChat. You can read a lot more about the events and get updates as new ones are added, by subscribing to the newsletter.

A session with Alicia is a magical meeting full of love, direct and honest points. The first time I didn’t know what to expect. Was at a point of my life where I was following a wrong and destructive path. I was very surprised with what I was told, even though some of it made sense straight away, some took longer to fall into place. But everything made sense on a very deep level. All I could do was listen and what she said, helped me stop for a moment and turn towards a more positive a loving path. I always get a lot to think about during her sessions, and it is a characteristic that it takes a bit of time to sink in in full. Sometimes not until much later, when I think back to what was said, does it make absolute sense, almost as if my sub-consciousness mind had made a note of it, while my conscious mind couldn’t grasp the depth of the message in full. It is always a meeting with a sensitive respect for the person she’s setting across, a caring tone and a sense of being in safe hands. I have always had the experience to be guided in a subtle and useable fashion. - Malene


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