SoulGuide offers a wide variety of sessions. If you happen to live in Denmark, or perhaps visit, you can come by - if not, then you can choose from many different communications platforms such as Skype, Zoom or regular phone calls.

About SoulGuide

Through many years, SoulGuide has helped people in need, using spiritual guidance. As a clairvoyant and psychic medium, Alicia has a deeper insight than most people, and will more often than not, be able to provide a different perspective.


Many types of events, both at physical locations but also online, the most popular being the monthly SoulChat. You can read a lot more about the events and get updates as new ones are added, by subscribing to the newsletter.

I visited Alicia together with a friend, and I knew that she had certain abilities. But when she started telling about my friend, both her and I were speechless. Alicia told about things about my friend that she had no way of knowing, which was spot on. I didn’t get that much with me that day, but have subsequently been seeking advice from Alicia when buying horses, and also here she has been right. I have recommended her several times, and they have had the same experiences. So Alicia definitely has something which is not bestowed onto everyone. - Dorte


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