I got less scary

I went to a social gathering the other day. This was with 4 women I did not know, and one I did know. They are all bloggers like me and I was hoping they had read some of my blog, just so they knew what I was doing.

They had not, really. One sitting next to me was very skeptical and kept on saying that it scared her a lot. I told her what I do and how I work. Another one asked great questions because she was curious to know what I did and what I was capable of doing. I loved their different view of my work.

After hours of eating, talking, laughing and having a great time the one besides me, got less scared. I got to heal her back, by putting my hands on it. Dead people had been talking to me all night long, asking me to heal her. They had so many words for her, and I had to tread carefully.
I loved that I got to heal her, and that she got bolder as the night went on. They all had great questions and even though I had passed souls talking to and about each and every one, I managed to not get personal for the most part.

I have had so many times in my life where I have to not say what I am told, because it is not the time nor the place. My girlfriends always joke that I am great at making people cry. Not cry in a bad way but because it is emotional things that are passed on from the other world.

I once had a psychic tell me that it was my own fault because I was simply bad at closing off that world when I did not need them.

I understand some have a need to close off, but I don’t really. I know I get nervous, but that is not only the other world. So even if I could close down and off, I would not do it. It is a choice I make.

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