Do you need money?

I have just had a session with a woman who wanted to know so many things at once.
One of the things she was very concerned about was the economy of her business. She wanted to know if the clients would come in at a faster pace, and if there would be enough profit for her to get a decent pay. She talked a lot about how she worried.

I listened very carefully and as I was about to say something, I heard spirit tell me to appreciate more. I was puzzled but then I understood. It was not at all about worrying, it was about the wording and visualization. She kept on saying there were worries, not enough money and how she needed to get income.
I told her she needed to let go of her “not enough money” mentality. She had to see for herself the success she was seeking. She had to change her language. Instead of going on about the things she did not have, she had to turn it upside down.
She had to say when and not if. She had to turn her thoughts into a visual of her future. She had to talk as if she was on the right path, and not focus on all the things that did not work.

I know you sometimes must talk about the lack of funds, but your language can still be focused on what you can do about it and not all about what is wrong.
It is not that simple to change your mindset, but it is the only way forward. You cannot attract what you cannot see. See it for your inner eye at all hours of the day and success will be much more likely than not.
Spirits wants to help you but you must show them what you want. That is both in language and thought.

Ask for the things you want.

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