I read a post on Facebook by another psychic that made me stop and think.

She wrote that too many live in a here and now world and they expect results in the very moment they think a thought. She spoke up about the clients she encounters who want her to know everything all the time. She explains they want hair color, name, address, and a million other very accurate things immediately.

Mostly because on TV, they get all the things right. It is TV, and it is cut to look fast and super easy. She has been told she is not good enough at her work if she cannot tell people everything all the time. As psychics, we work in the power of love, and not as much with base in the here and now society.

It is such an important conversation. Society has gotten so used to getting everything here and now, that it ruins the mindful and internal processes.

The loving and caring soul process cannot be done quickly or hastily. It cannot be ordered as if you are in a restaurant.
If you get everything in one session, it will not let all sink in because the mind and soul can`t take in everything at once. It can overwhelm you and then you will not have any learning process at all. You will just be shut down.

The love and the caring take time. You might be ready for some of the things you need to hear, but not all of it the first time you visit a medium. For some, it takes one session, and for others it takes several.
Some like to check in once a year or more often to know they are on the right path. Others have only one session.

I have had people tell me that since I did not know the shoe size of uncle John’s shoes, I might not be a proper medium. They have seen on TV that these kinds of things are what mediums know. Sometimes I do know these things, but it is far from every time because spirits decide what they find necessary, not the visitor.

I love working in sessions, and I believe in my soul that what you need to know comes forward, and anything else is not important right now. Don’t let the love drown in need for facts.
Next time you want something here and right now, stop and think about what is essential.
Just be!

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