I have heard this told so many times during this lifetime I would be rich had I been paid per word. It has taken me years to understand what they are saying.

You are too much, really meaning, you are not like I prefer you. You are not how I think you should be. It means these people are not your crowd. They are on a different level, in a different place where you are not.
It has nothing to do with being right or wrong. They are not more right or wrong, just like you are no more right or wrong than others are. They are just in a different place.

Should you listen to these people?

You should always listen to people and have empathy for their story. They too have a hard time with some things. They too are souls on a learning path. They need to be heard, seen and listened to as others need it.

In no way should you keep listening if you are not feeling ok with their words, but you should always start by listening. If people are toxic you should not listen to them but walk away. It is important to listen to your soul when deciding if you have the energy to listen.
There is no point in listening with a half heart.

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