Do you need a quick fix?

Many people I meet want to know how they can find inner peace and balance. I often tell them, that it comes with a lot of work.

Some think that they can just meditate their way forward, so they don’t have to think about all the trauma and heartbreak they have had in the past.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. No matter how much you meditate or seek out spiritual roads, you will always have to work with your past. It is a part of you and it will always be a part of who you are.

It can be in control and manifest itself as anxiety, depression or similar things. It can do great damage, even if you hide it away. Your body and soul will know that you have just hidden it like old laundry you do not want to wash.

Your past can be a part of you, so that you know it is there, but it is kept in control. It puts forward its face now and then, but all in all, you live with it.

Then there is the last part; you working on it “being a part of you”-past, but not your future. It has to do with forgiveness, not of other but of yourself. Forgiving that you did what you could, when you could. It is hard work, with tears and realizations, but such a relief and great feeling of weights lifting from your shoulders.

You cannot meditate your way through your past, but you can work your way forward.

Find someone to guide you, read a lot of books, and listen to others.

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