Why clairvoyance isn’t about lottery numbers

From what I have learned, everybody has a path through this life. Sadly, not all paths involve becoming insanely rich by winning the lottery. We do not all have to learn from that particular challenge. Therefore lottery numbers are rarely among the clues/visions I get, when I ask spirit on behalf of the people who come see me. It is in other words not up to me to decide what people need to know – I can only ask, but Spirit chooses the answers.

Some people seem to conclude that if I can’t get the lottery numbers, I am not connected to Spirit. I am not here to mission, but now and again I feel like asking these people how I have then conned finding lost dead people in other countries, lost demented people, how I can tell what illnesses people have, without knowing them, how I can facilitate conversations between people and their lost ones, and private things come up? Just asking.

I actually don’t need people to believe me, but I need them to respect me.

I don’t mind having my methods or my work challenged in a sober way – I sure love a good discussion any day, but I don’t want to be ridiculed because I don’t see lottery numbers. The fact that I am not a lottery millionaire does NOT mean that I am not the real deal.

My own everyday life is full of wonderful things from the other world. And I love to share them.

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