What is a Soulmate?

Soulmates? What does the word mean to you?

Hollywood seems to have very set ideas about what a soulmate is – we have all seen the movies where boy meets girl to cheesy music scores and windy hair on romantic beaches and they love each other for all eternity, but that is not what a soulmate is in the world of Spirit. In Spirit, a soulmate can be a partner, but it can also be a friend, a buddy. Essentially it is someone who is looking out for you. Someone you feel connected with, because you have agreed to connect with each other when you were in Spirit, no glitter or fireworks guaranteed. This connection doesn’t have to last ‘forever’ or for an entire lifetime and it doesn’t have to be about romantic love. It can be a friend, your child, a lover, other family relations. It can be a person you can learn something from or you can teach something to.

When I first met my husband, I knew right away that he was the person I was supposed to share my life with. He joined me in that knowledge shortly after. (Phew). At first it seemed that the odds were against us, and lots of people had opinions on our relationship. It took all that we had to stay together, but the obstacles we met made our connection grow. Did we have glitter and music when we met? Nope. More like pizza and computer games, but the love is just as wonderful 🙂

Have you already met a soulmate? Would you like to meet one? What can you do to meet one? I often say that things happen when they are supposed to happen, so stay open minded and try not to focus too much. Will everybody meet a soulmate? No, but most people will.

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