Passed souls standing in line

I have had the best days on a fair not too long ago. I have been passing on many great messages to people who came to me.
I had this one wonderful lady, who wanted to talk to her mother. I did not know anything else other than the fact that her mother had passed, and she wanted to talk to her. Nothing else.

Her mother came through and passed on the most beautiful messages of love and compassion. She told her daughter so many things about how she kept track of her life, and saw what she did in her everyday life. It was such a beautiful message, filled with love.
The woman was in tears of joy and felt the connection with her mother so very strongly.

I was amazed seeing her transformation and the peace that came with the connection.

The entire first day was filled only with connections between passed souls and their loved ones. I was very proud after we closed because they had all gotten a special contact and they all got messages so clear.

Day two was just as fun and a day of teaching. I loved that people came to me.
I had a woman come to me, who is the mother of someone I know. She wanted to know things about herself, and how it could be she did not understand her life.I know that I made no difference to this woman and that she would not understand. Her mind was in a state of sorrow and she did not move mentally.

I had such great compassion for her, even though she had done wrong. She did not understand what had happened and how she could have changed it.
Sometimes I think we forget that sometimes, the life lessons and patterns are so strong that people can do nothing but hurt others. This can both be by doing nothing when others are being hurt, or by words or physically.

I understood that she did not have the energy, not the understanding to change anything.

I had so many fantastic people in those days and I loved seeing their souls, and giving them words from passed souls and spirits.

How blessed I am to be able to pass on messages every day. I love it!