FREE SoulChat today

Today I want to tell you about my SoulChat, which I will be having later today. And everyone can participate and it’s FREE!

SoulChat is based on the idea that we all need guidance now and again, and often prefer to have that advice from someone who is not close to us, someone seeing the problem from the “outside” and without bias, someone who can see the big picture and give us the answer we need, not the one we think we want; someone like Spirit. That is why I started SoulChat. I wanted everyone to have that possibility, to ask those questions that others cannot answer in the safety of complete anonymity.

SoulChat’s are quite simple. You ask a question and I will answer them with the help from Spirit. Common questions are e.g. “will I have a man in my life?”, “should I get a new job?” or “can you tell me if my loved one, who has passed, is here with me?”

My wish with SoulChat is that you well get the answer you need, that makes sense to you now or later and which will bring you tranquility and love to your life.

I hope to see you at 9 p.m. CET and  3 PM EST, right here on Bring all your friends too!

The chat will appear on the blog at the given time.

Free soulchat today

FREE SoulChat – This is how it looks.