Are your dreams stealing your presence.

How many days are you wasting, waiting for time?

Too many people waste days during week waiting for the weekend. Some days is slower than the next, because you are just waiting for the weekend to come.
So many wait during the night for the day to come, or day for the night to come. Never just being in the moment, in the life they are in.

The want for the future and the comfort it brings, steals the moment, the present and life away from us. The need to be elsewhere is so great that you forget to be present in the here and now. Somehow people think it is ok to live in the future, to steal the moment away from your life.
For you to live life to the fullest, the present moment, the right now, is extremely important.  Whenever you are not living in the present, you don’t live at all.

If you can’t be in the moment, there is something wrong and you need to address that. If your world is so bad that you cannot be in it, things need to change. The drive that comes from wanting more and moving forward is great if it does not take away from the present presence.

It is so easy for the brain to slip out of a world that is not pleasant and not the life you want or wanted. It is easy to dream yourself away, but it does not change what you are in right now.
Dreaming about the future can be one of the strongest drives to move on. People who have dreams and ambitions are driven and can do anything they put their minds to.

It can also be like a thief in the night. It steals your time and presence away.

Are you living in the here and now, or in the future?

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