I have been watching the #metoo movement with mixed feelings.

It has grown and empowered women to tell their story. In the other end of the spectrum it has given the men a label of being bad souls. It has taught some women that just about all men are bad.

I too have been assaulted, and my boundaries have been crossed on more than one occasion. I am in no way saying you must put up with it, let’s make that very clear. I know the hurt and pain and understand that it can’t be accepted.

I have heard so many stupid reasons, from it being about what you wear, over women always seeking domination, or to suck it up.
I have also heard women say all men are bad, and that they are always out to rape. It horrifies me because that is almost half the earth’s population being labeled bad in one go.


One of the things I think when I hear someone say it is down the clothes is this:
How can men not be offended when they are constantly told they are rapists by default and without any kind of control what so ever. The thought is that whenever a woman dresses in any way, but all covered up, you – as a man – lose whatever very little control you have, and then rape her.

It makes no sense!

I feel for the men who are not doing these things, understand that women are souls like themselves.
Men who believe that women are equal, and not someone they can violate.

I would love to live in a world where there are no bad actions, but people are here to learn. That does in no way excuse anything, but it does give an understanding. To me it makes me understand that we need to teach empathy and love much more than we do now.

We need a society where we are focused on compassion and love, instead of hatred, difference seen as a terrible thing, and possession.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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