How I made a believer out of a skeptic

I have been quiet for some time now. I have not had the feel for writing. I want to write something that means something to me when I actually write.
I have been busy with all sorts of things, because I am changing my websites and making changes all over the place.
I have decided to write a book, and that takes up time too.
Under all these plans and new things, is an urge to speak publicly. I want to do more and I want to spread positive words.

I have been talking to spirits all my life. I have been guiding people for as long as I can remember. It has been passing on messages, and healing people even before I was aware of it.

This month has been one of teaching. I have been guiding and teaching people who needed to find the right direction. My views on so many things have changed, into a path of talking more about love and compassion.

In this world where it seems that darkness and horrid things are all over the place, I see lights of hope, compassion and love. I see people of light getting up and saying enough is enough. I know that the basis for everything is love and that love will be eternal. Some people have just lost their direction, and lost the love they had.

Every year I write down what I think is going to happen in the following year. I do not share my thoughts except with a very limited group of friends. It has been like this for years. I have been right about almost everything I have been saying, with only one or two little tweaks. I know that to some people, these predictions can be scary and they want to see them.

I know that the darkness that we see right now has been a long time coming, and that love will succeed.

I have been blessed to be the guide of someone, someone who is a master of working with energy. It is absolutely amazing to see how he works with energy and to understand what he really is capable of. I have been guiding him towards being at peace with his inner self, because his abilities with energy is not enough to be at peace, just like psychic abilities do not equal peace of mind.

The woman

I have been healing a lot lately, because so many people need help. A woman who has been very set in her mind, that what I do is silly, has been getting healing.

She came to me one day, after 3 years with a wrist in a brace. She felt so much pain and nothing worked. She told me quietly that she might want to try that healing thing I was always talking about.

I agreed, and I started healing her 5 minutes every morning. I just laid my hands on her wrist and let the energy move itself. She was in tears every time for the first week. It hurt like I was rearranging everything in her entire arm. I told her that it had to be moved around in her wrist for it to work. I was very patient. After a week, she started being pain free.
After two weeks, she was pain free half the days. After three weeks, she was almost entirely pain free.
I have been healing her 5 morning a week for a month now. I told her she needed an operation, because she does have a bone defect in her wrist, but she is pain free for most of the week and she has returned to normal use of her hand.
I am absolutely over the moon with joy. I have been able to give her the peace and pain free moment she was missing so badly. She was unable to work properly and unable to find any peace because of the pain.
My days the last month have been filled with moments of divine healing. She is a believer now. All her thoughts on how silly my work might sound are gone. She keeps on saying she is a believer.

I love my work, and love that you have been reading my words.

Thank you!

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