Would you say this?

I received a weird message from a friend today. I think I wanted to write about it because this is one of the big misunderstandings about my work and personality.
A friend of mine had been told by her friend that she would be in a great where she is supposed to be, once she started to have her own opinions and stopped listening to me all the time.

At first I thought she must have gotten it wrong because that is not the kind of friendship I have with her, but then I realized that she was, in fact, saying that my friend could only be ok if she did not speak to me.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I get very sad at other people’s misconceptions about my life. This was such a time.

I am not a psychic all the time. I am, in fact, also a person with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Even though some people cannot separate from their work, I am very good at it. I have had to learn how to separate when it is just me talking and when it is spirits talking.

If you call a friend would you not ask an opinion from her/him? Would you not want them to tell you what they think about the situation you tell them about? Would you not want support and love when talking to them?

Why do people think that because I am psychic I am incapable of doing this without asking spirits first? People often think that because I am a psychic medium I surely am not just a friend that cares for others. I have heard many ask me “so is it you or a spirit who says this?”. They think I cannot be a person with my own life without it being psychic all the time.

My friend is very sad and hurt by this remark, and I do understand. My thoughts are of love and care for her.

Am I sometimes psychic when I am with her, sure! When she asks, and this is not at all often, then I answer.

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