What people want is a piece of you, this was the message I got all this week.

Recently I wrote about how my communication changed with spirit during this time. I did change, and I have been feeling the whole planet shift in energy. So much anxiety and anger are getting heard and known. Egos are working overtime, trying to shout the loudest and be heard.
Extroverted people are going slightly crazy, and introverted are having a ball.

Most of all, people are just trying not to die. When I talk to my friends, they always end up saying what people want is a piece of me. They want to know what is on my mind and how they can see through my eyes.

When I was a child, I felt so alone, and though no one wanted to hear any of the things I had to say, as a teen, I felt awkward and lonely because I understood that I was not like others. Now I have reached an age where I can speak my truth, my visions, and how I see things. It is incredible to be able to be me, and now people love to listen. My ego is overjoyed.

My soul knows what great responsibility comes with this life as a guide as a messenger. I have been through so many lives to get to this life where I can teach and guide.

What I think people don’t understand is that I don’t want to give away my privacy, my personal life, my everyday things, that are just mine. I have great friends and don’t get me wrong I love getting a new friend, but not all people can be in my inner circle.

Not too long ago, I had someone misunderstand my intention, and now she is in her ego, just walking her path. She wanted a piece of me and did not understand why I could not give her what she wanted. I got her started on the path she is on now, and I hope she loves her life now. We all deserve the best, but most of all, I hope she will let go of the anger she is holding inside her. I could never give her what she wanted, but she could not see that. She still can’t, and she felt like I let her down. 

If I gave everyone a piece of me, there would be nothing left of me. I would slowly die and not be able to guide or be the messenger I should be.
Too many want a piece of me, but I can’t give them that. I can show them my visions, let them listen to my words, let them read my words, read my books, but I can never give them a piece of me. I do like everyone else need to be one whole person.

I see so many who try to give all they have, every little last piece of themselves, because they think that will satisfy the people who are not able to stop and look at themselves. Every soul on this planet needs to look at themselves and work with the level their soul has. It is a matter of importance for every soul. Not just those who want to change but everyone. If you want to live in someone else’s life, who is living your life? I often say if you are not living your life, who is.

So many live through others or meddle in lives, read gossip and mean stories, just to avoid looking at themselves. It is so much easier to point fingers at others and look at their flaws instead of taking your own life seriously.
So, when friends tell me others want a piece of me, I think it is because they need to work with themselves. They can listen to me, read my words, but they cannot have a piece of me.

I love to share, and I love to write, talk and speak, but at the end of the day, I have to go back to being me, a wife, mother, and person with ordinary everyday things like everyone else.

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