I am back finally

I have been very silent on the blog for some time now.
I have been working hard on a million other things. It feels like I have done everything and nothing in the last year.I have written a book; can you believe that?
My book is on Soul-life levels. It is out in this fall and I am going to tell you all about it soon, in another post.
I have had so much going on in my Facebook groups, both the Danish and the English one. I have just been very busy, but now I am back, and I am going to blog again.
I have had so many great moments with people who are so special and filled with love, that you get to hear about in my blog.


I am starting my own podcast too. I have had the need for a podcast for a long time, and I have wondered if anyone would listen, and would I have anything to say?

It turns out I have so much to say, and people want to listen. I am so happy, and the podcast will soon be online and live.
One of the things I have turned down big time, is criminal cases. I have stopped helping with criminal cases and things like it. It just got too hard having to listen to people going on about how I should prove myself. I heard it all the time, that I should prove myself, and how I “got lucky” every time what I said was true.
I am not bitter, angry or anything like it, but most of all sad that I must stop helping because the environment surrounding it is too hard on me.

Finding things

I have been finding things for people and in some cases, I have known the very moment they said their name, where it was, and with others not. It is so much fun finding things, because it is very measurable for people, and they can get the proof they talk about all the time.
I hope you are still with me after all this silent time, because all the fun is just powering up again.

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