Why I don’t want to make $500.000 in 7 months.

I see so many posts that are all about how much money people made in how short of a time. It is always about them helping others do the same. I have profound respect for people who have done this, and I would love for people to have a golden recipe that fits all, BUT that is just not reality. In no way, shape or form.
To me, it is all about a whole different thing. It is all about connections. I would love to make a lot of money and not have to worry in any way about money, but I would not want it not at the expense of connecting.

To me, my work is about connecting with the people I am helping and working with, and connecting with the universe.
I see these posts on Facebook, and on other social media, where people white about their road to a load of money, but the focus is on how they can teach each other the same.

I can’t feel them. In my world it is all down to connection, and I cannot feel the connection. I don’t feel them. I see the money and how they want to work, but not who they are, what are their values and what is their passion?

To me, it is essential to be able to know who this person is in values and soul.
I got a message today, from a lady I have been helping and it said, “you are an angel, thank you for being you”.
I know that the connection was there, and she felt like I saw her, felt her and helped her. That is what life is all about. It is about being seen, heard and felt.

So, the next time you see a post about earning a huge amount of money in no time, sit back and think about the connection. It could be connecting to your life, or to others.

It is all about connecting.