Do you need good luck for Christmas?

I talked to a friend of mine about Christmas. She has a crazy family and it always ends up a wreck. It is supposed to be a happy time, but mostly it is chaos and not fun time. I am always amazed that she would put herself through that kind of draining company.

She does it because she doesn’t want to sit all alone on Christmas Eve, feeling like they do not want her around. She would rather be in a very unhealthy family situation than be alone.

I told her that I would send her love and good luck. She laughed out loud when I said good luck. In a way she thought I was being very funny and then she realized I was dead serious. I told her good luck because she was in desperate need of something like luck, if she was to get out unharmed.

When people choose situations where they are not very likely to be ok afterwards, I get very sad. I too did this for years, just sucked it up and attended things that were very bad for me. I would rather hurt myself than stop and be alone.
Alone; that is one of those words I hear the most from people who attend these Christmas events. It is hard to say no, I would rather be alone than with you all.
I know it is very hard, but one of the things I ask people is; would you rather be alone amongst others or alone by choice?

Help others and yourself

There are so many things you can do during the Christmas days. You don’t have to sit all alone and do nothing.
There are shelters and other events for those who need help. You can volunteer several places. Just look for places to help out. Not only do you help, but you also do not sit alone, or attend something toxic.
It is the Christmas spirit at work, helping others. I hope you find the Christmas spirit that is right for you.

I hope you find the christmas days that works for you

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