When you reach the point where you can do nothing but cry, that’s when you need to rethink your life. This is when you are just depleted and can do nothing else. 

I reached that point not too long ago. I had depleted myself as a human. I am often told that as a psychic, I will run out of energy, and my gift will be the thing draining me.

It is not. I have overworked myself and not been able to stop helping everyone else, not asking for help. It has nothing to do with my gift.

I was asked such a brilliant question at a speech I gave recently. One woman asked me, “if you are level four, it seems like we have to protect ourselves more than other levels.”

Level four is the spiritual level. This level where souls stop being materialistic and know that the basis for everything is love. This means you will help and love as a part of who you are. Starting in level four, the balance can be tough to find. Not giving more than you have but still listening to your soul and helping others.

So, do they need to protect themselves more? Yes, very much so. Level four souls know that things and possession are not everything. On this level, the soul knows that we all have to give for all to have energy and happiness. These souls want to be a contributor as a way of life.

Along comes lower level souls who do not understand they have to give, and they simply take. This is an imbalance and a chance to teach lower-level souls. The lower often don’t even know they are draining others. They are on a learning curve like anyone else. It is usually not with bad intention. They don’t know any better.

Here comes the protection part.

When you are a level four soul giving is essential for you, but if you are surrounded by lower-level souls who are taking and not giving back, you will be drained and tired. You must protect yourself and your energy. At one point, you need to have level four or five souls in your life; otherwise, you will be drained all the time. You can only learn from a soul on the same or higher levels.

So, to answer in short. YES! You do need to protect yourself more than other levels might have to. The same goes for level five.

It does not mean the lower levels cannot be drained of energy; they are tuned differently. They don’t mean to drain others; it is how they are.

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