I went to a festival this weekend. Not an ordinary one but one loaded with inspirational speakers. It was amazing to hear many great people talk about all the different topics.
One was talking about introverts. The speaker was an introvert herself, and she talked about being an introvert who had to network and how that can be very hard.

She also talked a lot about the fact that introverts need to recharge themselves at home whereas extroverts don’t. She talked about hos introverts have such a hard time networking because they think more in detail about the people, they meet than extroverts.

As a healer and spiritual medium, I thought very hard about this. There are so many layers to what she is saying. I am sure it is because she only has an hour to talk. She seemed like she was knowledgeable but also talking in general about introverts.

I know extrovert psychics who are charging at home, simply because it is too much to take in.  Especially If they have not been taught how to disconnect from their information channel when out and about, they could mask as an introvert.

One of them is a man who loves being out and about. He gets his energy from talking to others and just being among others. After a while, he gets so tired and worn out because they don’t know how to shut off his connection to the universe. It makes him tired and information overload. It is not that he is an introvert, as he thinks he is, it is the fact that he does not shut off his information stream.

We have talked about this several times, and he insists he is an introvert. I disagree. We agree to disagree.

At this talk about introverts, she also talked about how introverts were better at remembering information about people they talked to, simply because they wanted to get out of talking too much. She painted a picture of introverts being more strategic around human connections. It was almost like extroverts did not remember about others because they wanted to talk to as many as they could, but introvert had deeper connections.

I don’t find it offensive but don’t think it is right too. I think it depends on what you were taught as a person. It is about how you are taught to connect other souls. It will be an ongoing problem in their life if they are not taught to connect. It almost sounded like extroverts were shallow.

Sensitive and extroverted

For many sensitive and intuitive, it is almost as if everyone thinks they are introverts, but this is not at all the case. Many are very outgoing, but also very tired after a while because they cannot shut information down.

I loved that she was talking about being introvert because a lot of people think they are asocial. They are not asocial, and then again, it could be asocial when they do not want to be a part of parties and events. It is just a different way of being a part of life.
Do introverts have a special level in soul life asked a friend. I don’t believe that they are at any specific level, but I do believe that they are more visible at level three and four.  It is not because they are not introverts on all levels but the fact that as the soul progresses, it finds it easier to be themselves in the world. The process of listening to their soul is easier at level four then one.

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are introverts Asocial?
are introverts Asocial?
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