90 day regression-boost to stay on track

I spoke to a woman today who looked like she had been spinning around herself 14 times and was trying to find her way.

She was the only one who would expect it of herself. She had taken on a lot of projects in her business, most of which had been started by others, and was jumping from one idea to the next. She wouldn’t stay long in any project, before adopting the next idea.
I asked Spirit what I was supposed to tell her and they were very clear; She should find a plan for her business and stay with it, and she should not take on new projects or make new plans or ideas for 90 days.

I had already told her many times before to focus on things important to her business, and not the 50 other “ideas of the day.”
She looked almost petrified when I told her what Spirit had told me, still she knew I was right.

It is going to be a challenge for her to stay focused and on track for 90 days. She has made it a habit to jump from one project to project and then almost surely think she must be crazy to take on so much.

She is one of those women who feel lost if she does not have just a bit of chaos in her life, so it will be a challenge for her to stay on track.
She is going to have regression therapy in weekly sessions with me for the next 90 days. This is to help her with that challenge.

She has not had any regression therapy before and she can’t wait for it. I know that regression is a great tool, but also something that may turn your thoughts about yourself upside down.
Many people do not believe in past lives and their impact on their lives, but I have had some experiences with it, which turned everything around.
I am so happy when I get to help people who are in need of peace and smiles, and I can’t wait for this woman to try it!

I will keep you updated about her progres.

Would you use regression as a Tool to move forward?

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Sus · June 1, 2016 at 1:51 pm

I’m sory if it’s a stupid question – but what IS regression therapy exactly?
Looking forward to hearng more about this womans experience, since I know the feelings you describe all too well in my own life/business 🙂

Thank you for being you

    Alicia · June 1, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    Regression is a way to get in to past lives throught meditation and hypnotherapy. it will make you not be attached to the Things that happened back in those lives. I will be much more in depth in the Next part of the series.
    Thank you so much for being YOU!

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