90 days of regression part 4

Emily had her second regression with me, and it was really something.

This time she was in North Carolina, USA. Warm, not cold is how she described the weather. There is a creek and green fields. The year is 1730.

She was a young man around 23 years old. His name was Carlton, and he was alone. He has chosen a life all alone. He did not like people. It was a choice to be alone.

“I just want to be alone and enjoy the peace” she told me. “I am ok with being left alone with my work. I am a wood worker, a great one. I can make anything with my hands, in wood, stone or just anything. I am great with my hands” her tone was serious.

I guided her to an important occasion in that lifetime. It was a huge house where a party was going on. He was around 40 years old at that point in that life. “The party was in my honor because I made something for them, but I am sad, and I don’t want to go in there. I am ok being alone “. She looks very sad and not at all ok with being alone.
I ask if he had any kind of family, and the answer was a very fast NO, they are dead. I get the feeling that something is not right. Soon after she repeats that he is ok with being alone.

I ask her to go to the end of that life.

There is a fire in the fireplace, and it is not cold. “I am around 64 years old and my hands does not work anymore. There is a lady looking after me. She won’t leave. She is just wants to take care of me, and not leave. I am ok on my own!” She tells me the lady is called Elisabeth and she is there all the time.

I ask if he has a romantic relationship with her, or anyone. “I om fine on my own” she repeats annoyed. “I will never marry anyone”

I love the peace and quiet, and now I am gone.

I ask Emily what she is supposed to know and learn from the life, and she says it is all about being ok on my own and using my hands creatively. I need to use my hands.

I need to learn that other people are not that important, and it does not really matter what they say and do. I get sad, because I have no peace in this life. I need the peace.

I absolutely agree with her on that part. She needs to be ok with herself, and find her peace of mind.
After our session we talked and all of the sudden she says out loud I WAS GAY! I was all alone not by choice but by force. My family was dead to me. I was all alone.

I think it is such an interesting thing, that she all of the sudden knew that. She could be proud that Carlton chose to stand by himself and how he was, and not be forced in to a marriage with a woman because that was what you do.

We all need to find the peace in our own lives and life by our own rules and thoughts. This might mean a sacrifice like the one Carlton made. You too have to find you peace, because no one can live without peace.

Where do you go to find your peace of mind?

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