17 tings about me and what I do

I get all sorts of questions about what I do and how I do it, so I made this list for those of you who wants to know more, based on many of these questions.

#1 – I see, hear, smell, feel, taste and in all ways communicate with the spirit world.

#2 – I have always talked to passed souls, I can´t remember a time without them.

#3 – Until four years ago I had no idea that I could heal people. I woke up one morning and thought I could heal, and it turned out that I could.

#4 – I often have conversations going with passed souls when I think no one is listening or looking.

#5 – I have only been scared of the spirits one time. I was watching TV and all off the sudden I felt the girl from the series (Sensing Murder New Zealand). A moment later, everything from the shelf above me fell down. I was taken by surprise and was a little scared because of it.

#6 – I have found lost people, the most amazing things for people and I have even found a horse.

#7 – I have done regression meditations, where I bring people back to release past lives. I absolutely love it.

#8 – I was only 5 when I told my grandmother that I wanted to change the world.

#9 – I have helped people in 11 different countries and loved every session.

#10 – I often jokingly tell people that I’m always right, and I get proof every day that I am right when I communicate what spirit wants me to tell the world.

#11 – I can do a session everywhere because it’s not important who I’m talking too, but my connection with spirit. I have even done sessions while driving.

#12 – I married the love of my life, and have a very special connection with him.

#13 – I made my own posters in order for people to remember themselves every day.

#14 – I love what I do and I always bring my heart in to my work.

#15 – I love my free SoulChats, which I have every month at Soulguide.com

#16 – I do not drink alcohol and haven’t since 1993. This is because I get even closer to spirit when I do, and there are so many things I do NOT say on a daily basis.

#17 – My friends have a hard time knowing if it is me or spirits that talk when I say something.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my gift. You are more than welcome to contact me by mail and we can talk about how I can help YOU reach YOUR goals.

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