A woman came to me worried about her daughter. Over a longer period, things had been happening around her daughter, and she needed advice. The girl who was in her preteens was annoyed and even scared at times.

One night she had gone into the bathroom, and the light had turned on and off. The water had turned itself on, and the girl was scared.

We talked about how the past souls and spirit try to contact these children once they reach an age where they understand things better and have a conscious mind.

The girl was scared because she did not know what they wanted from her. It was hard on her, not knowing what they wanted to communicate.

I did a simple exercise with the girl. We got talking to the spirits and asked them what they wanted. It was something about a drowning many years ago in Norway. She had the name and place. I told her to breathe and tell the spirits to let her go. Just let her go to sleep and not bother her when she was resting.

This was a simple exercise that made her relax and not as scared.

I often have mothers come to me asking for advice because their children are scared, being contacted by past soul and seeing things. These children are the new generation of more spiritual and insightful children. They are now getting into their preteen and teen years. These new level four souls are fantastic but also in need of guidance and love all around them.

I hope that I get to guide these children to know and understand what is happening around them.

Do you have such a child?

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