Does being psychic make you cynical?

I had this great talk with a woman yesterday, who was curious about how the universe works. I love to get questions like these and to get answers for them from Spirit. And this time, they sure came forward with some great answers.

A question I get from time to time is, how to avoid becoming cynical in my line of work, especially when I see and hear about so many tragedies. I realize that I can seem a bit cynical because it is difficult to hear about and see other people’s hard times. But I can assure you; I am not at all cynical. I too cry if a baby dies or if someone is murdered.

The reason some might find that I sound cynical to begin with, is that I know there was a bigger plan with what happened and that I couldn’t have changed it anyway. All I can to relieve their pain and suffering is to guide them and explain what they must learn from that experience, but everything else is out of both theirs and my hands.

I have seen people repeat the same pattern over and over again. It might be with different people, but not a different pattern; their actions or perception.
I will tell them how best to change and how to move on, but the fact is that they cannot move on until they are ready. I am always told by Spirit if people are in fact ready, even before I guide them. That way I know what the soul I’m sitting across can handle. It can be frustrating if you don’t have the insight from Spirit.
I can seem cynical when I don’t persist in making people understand, but because I know it makes no difference in their life right now I choose not to.

So I tried to explain to this woman that me distancing myself was not a matter of cynicism. It is rather a matter of protecting myself. It would be too much to handle if I had to carry the weight of all the paths I cross.

Are you also able to let go of something you could not change, or perhaps have been in the past?  

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