When shoul you listen to your inner voice

Have you ever asked friends for advice and not been able to use what they say for anything at all? They mean well and want what is best for you, but they are not you and their words are just that; words.

I myself have many times allowed others to guide me and tell me what to do, because I had lost my confidence and trust in my own opinions. I think most people have tried this at some point in their life, but it is a huge problem if you let the voices of others drown that of your inner voice. Your inner voice is the most important guide you have. I often tell people that if is feels wrong, then it is wrong.

When someone tells you what to do and it just doesn’t feel right, you must stop and think. When you stop and breathe slowly three times you are able to hear your inner voice and sense your feelings, which are both very important; listen to what your inner voice tells you and how the situation feels, to know whether something is right or wrong, to breathe and trust.

I’m often asked what our inner voice, gut feeling or even intuition, actually is. I believe it is Spirit talking to us. Some of us are great at listening to what Spirit has to say, others are trying really hard and some are even ignoring them entirely. There can be many reasons, but it is all boils down to what you have to learn in this life. At time all you have to learn is to listen to your intuition.

It took me years to accept that my intuition, my gut feeling, wasn’t something logical and measurable. It was just guidance from the other side and now that I trust in my intuition I can’t believe that there was a time when I didn’t listen. Trust in the universe and be yourself.

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Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds · June 23, 2016 at 5:23 pm

It is so so important to listen to your gut. We definitely know things before we even realise or admit them to ourselves.

    Alicia · June 24, 2016 at 10:01 am

    It is so important and so many forget to breathe and feel.

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