When giving a speech not too long ago, someone asked me a question that stuck with me.

“what if the soul does not want to move forward in Levels and change.”

I find that so interesting because there is no question in that when it comes to soul work. The ego might think that staying with what you know in your life is great, but the soul is ever-evolving, even when it does not feel like it.

As souls, we are always in constant change, and it is not a problem. It is how things are. Because time is not linear and straight-lined, it is not forward as such. In this world, as humans, we see time as a straight line, but in reality, it is not. Time is not a straight line in Spirit. In Spirit time, all time is the same time. Love is the essence of everything, not time. As humans, we tend to let time control us more than we control our own lives.

When being human, the ego takes control until you are far enough in the levels to let go of your ego. It protects us and makes sure no one hurts us. It is a guide in the learning processes but also a weight to carry once you have progressed far enough.

The ego wants to stay where it is because it knows what you have but not what you are going to get. It gets scared.

The souls are not scared of progress or learning processes. It is a part of existence.

Next time you don’t want to move forward in life, ask yourself if it is because you fear what you are going to get and not what might come.

Always remember: You will not get more than you can carry.  

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