Do you need at vacation?

These days a lot of people in the northern hemisphere are going on vacation. This is the time where all the thought that goes in to planning and thinking about vacation are fulfilled. Some are going on their dream vacation, some on a great vacation and again some would rather have decided something else.

Some doesn’t have enough money to travel anywhere, like a friend of mine who was really sad that she couldn’t afford to take her kids on a vacation, and had to stay at home. It turns out they had a great time by just being together and do absolutely nothing. Not having to go anywhere was a blessing for them.

Sometimes the thing you think you want the most is not really the same thing you need. There are so many people who go on a vacations where they don’t relax but the opposite. At the same time, I know that some people relax when they go camping or hiking. Not everyone need to be passive on a beach doing nothing in order for them to relax.

One of the most loving things you can do is to breathe and feel what the best kind of vacation is best for you. Also you need to find the core of what energizes you and be sure that is what you are going to be doing on a vacation.

For years I have been working even when I was on vacation, so it has not really been vacation. I love my work and vacation means working less. But this year I have decided to turn on the vacation sign on the blog and not post anything for two weeks.

I have always had a really hard time relaxing and still have a hard time doing nothing. This year I have decided that I need “me-time” during the short summer Denmark has to offer.

I will be back stronger and revitalized. I am not going anywhere, like traveling, just enjoying time with my family. I hope that you will be back with me after the two weeks.

What are you doing this summer, and what does relaxation mean to you?

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