I know that this is going to be hard to read for most, But here goes.

I know that this pandemic is going to cost a lot of lives. It has been it a long time coming.

So here are my thoughts on So many things leading up to and surrounding Covid-19.
For me, Covid-19 started in another place than just with the outbreak. It began with the talk nobody seems to want to take. How to work with animals and food. How most people have lost the connection to all living things and therefore treat animals horrible.
I am not vegan will most likely never be, but I do believe that we have lost our connection to all things living.

When I buy food, it is with the knowledge that it must sustain me but also that I want the earth not to be ruined by food production. I eat organic, and that is a privilege because I know in some parts of the world it is almost impossible, because of prices and availability.

I am fortunate enough to live in a country high on eco and food values. I am very grateful for that, but what I want to address is that even though we are good in Denmark, we can get better.

This virus came from a market with live animals slaughtered in the cruelest and inhumane ways. It is horrible and unsafe. This is the third time one of these wet markets gives us an outbreak of a deadly virus. This time is grown into a pandemic. Have they learned anything?

It seems like there is no learning curve because it just happens repeatedly. Have we lost respect for nature, for animals and our self? Yes, I think we have, to some extent.

This virus is a sure red flag telling us we have lost connection to mother earth, to other living things, and most of all, animals.

Teach our children

I have heard children who think meat is from the freezers and not from animals. I have listened to children who think chocolate milk is from brown cows. (and that is not even funny) When a responsible zoo tries to teach everybody something about death and use off extra animals in the zoo, people freak out and blame them for killing innocent animals and scare children.

How are we not teaching our children about produce and animals?

This virus will kill so many people, but have we learned anything?

Have you learned anything during this time of chaos and uncertainty? Our leaders are still talking about businesses and money. They are not talking about how to prevent anything. I know we have to get society over this virus, and then we can discuss, but are they too scared to take on countries like China to save us from the next outbreak?

What I want you to think about is what have you learned, and how are you connecting to mother earth through all the things you buy or eat?

So many questions and so little time to think about them. I am afraid we are just going back to life until the next pandemic strikes. All because we have not learned anything about how we treat other living beings.

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