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I had a great SoulChat last Thursday. I love my SoulChats because they give me the opportunity to answer questions from all kinds of people and they are free. I have SoulChat sessions twice a month; One in Danish and one in English.

But last Thursday almost didn’t happen, as for 18 hours prior to the planned start, the server on which my domain is being hosted went down and up for hours and hours and was really unstable. Even now there are issues. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not happy when something like this happens. In situations like this I want to be able to do something, but in this case I couldn’t. It was my host that had to do something, and I was stressing because as I mentioned above I love my SoulChats and it seemed impossible to have that session.

But almost like a miracle, half an hour before the SoulChat was planned, the server was stable all of a sudden. It seemed like the server was holding together and I was able to start the SoulChat session on schedule. There were questions about jobs, love, passed souls, children and even a question about when an apartment would show up in someone’s life. For over an hour I answered questions and there were no problems with the site.

After the SoulChat ended, within 20 minutes, the server went down again and back to being unstable. I looked at my husband and said “is it just me or did the server just hold while I was doing my chat?” and he smiles and said that it looked like it.

It might have been a coincidence but it sure was a curious timing. Whatever the case, I made sure to thank Spirit for keeping an eye on me, because even though I don’t know if it was them, I’m pretty sure that it was.

These are the little things I see and experience every day. Have you tried something like that?

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