I sat down to write about suicide today. This post was supposed to be about suicide.

I was distracted from this by the news of yet another suicide. I knew this girl remotely, but still, it feels like I knew her.

She was an outsider like so many of us. She was smart, very high IQ smart, and she felt lonely. She could no longer cope with this world and the learning processes she had to endure.

How tragic to be writing about suicide and then be stopped by the news of yet another death. Heartbreaking!

I have lost so many to suicide. Mostly because when I was younger, I was very sick with an eating disorder, and while in the hospital, I made friends with souls who were also very sick.

They left this world because they could not cope anymore.

I understand what pushes someone to the point of these thoughts, and I understand why some want to leave.
One friend woke up one morning and remembered everything her father did to her as a young girl. Within just a few days she left this life. She simply could not cope.


I am often asked if there is a special place for those who commit suicide, or if they have to stay caught between lives as a punishment. Some even suggest they must be wandering ghosts until their “real time” to die.

It is not what I have seen or heard in my work with spirit and the souls who passed. They all go home to Spirit. They then must be accountable for their life lessons, but there is no punishment.

There are compassion and love for the hardship and a change of lesson load in the next life.

I have talked to many who have committed suicide and are now with Spirit. I have asked them about the aftermath, and none have told me about punishment, but accountability, just like the accountability for the good things they did. It is not a punishment.

She was smiling last time I saw her

One of the things I have heard some living souls say is they did not see it coming because those who committed suicide were smiling. Smiles are sometimes just an ability to pretend. That is why you should ask how people are and not just assume when someone smiles.

I know this post is different from my other posts, but it is important to me. I want people to understand that suicide is often not selfish, but because the soul doesn´t see any other way out.

It is not a matter of controlling yourself better as I have heard some say. There are so many layers to suicide and most of them are not remotely selfish.

If you are thinking about suicide or need help, please reach out.

You can find more here: http://www.suicide.org/index.html

David Morris speaks out on Suicide and writes great poetry. Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/districtd11/

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How suicide is not selfish