My everyday life with my family is like most peoples, well for the most part.

I know that we have a different way to look at things. And when my daughter tells people, “my mom talks to dead people” like she was asking for bread in a store, people do notice.

A part of our life is the fact that I have a connection other people don´t. It can be great for some days and draining other days.

Mostly it is amazing when I get to help people find happiness or peace of mind. The flip side is all the things I know about people when they have hard learning processes.

A woman told me just to shut it off whenever I was not using it. Well, I am using it all the time. It is a part of my life. I have always had it with me.

A famous psychic once told me that I had to be schooled for me not to burn out. I have kept those words in my heart because I know it was not true, but he wanted to fill his school. Burning out has nothing to do with my gift or how I use it. It has to do with my past that taught me always to be available and serve.

Intuitive people have to Set Boundaries

If you don’t set boundaries and have enough respect for yourself to know that you cannot serve all the time, you need to take time for you and just you. Otherwise, you will burn out.

I love that people care enough to tell me I need to shut off or down. It is just not my way, and that is ok. We all have different learning processes in life, and mine is not to shut down.

Too many level four souls have been taught that serving others must be better than looking out for yourself. They are taught that loving yourself and putting up boundaries is selfish and egocentric. But this is a lie told by the ones you want your energy and want to use you.

Take care of yourself because a dead or drained Samaritan is no Samaritan.

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Teresa Kuhl · September 6, 2019 at 12:25 pm

For me I don’t/can’t/choose not too shut off my energy. It is my essence and a part of who I am- and that is a good thing. I am re-choosing again to make sure I care for myself first in order to stay strong and healthy and powerful.

    alicia · September 6, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    I know the feeling 💖 You are amazing.

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