I talked to someone I went to school with not too long ago. He was pleasant and asked if I still one and another thing.
I told him I changed my name, and I had done a lot in my life. He kept hanging on to things as they were back then asking about these old things.
I ended up saying the girl you went to school with is dead; she does not exist anymore. I am another version now. He was stunned at my words and asked what made me say that.
I told him my past was another me and not in any way what I was now. It will always be a part of me because it made me into who I am now, but it is no longer who I am.

I changed my name. I did so many weird, fantastic, stupid, and smart things in the past, but that version of me is over, and I am a different version now.

We are all someone who change and move forward all the time. I, too, move forward and change the version I am. We are entirely different than just yesterday, but people you have not seen or heard from for years have not seen the new version just the old.

I talked with him for a long time, and he too was another version of the boy I used to know back in school. He had done things he was very proud of and some he was not at all proud of.

What to take away

I talk to people all the time, and I often talk about forgiving yourself for the things you did not know when it happened, and how learning from the past is so very important, so we don’t repeat the patterns. Talking to someone from my childhood, hearing how he saw me back then was amazing because I had my perspective on how things happened.

Sometimes all you need in life is to remember we are all doing the best we can with the level we are on, the tools we are given, and the learning processes we are presented with.
We are all another version of who we were before today at this very moment.

You are good enough.

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