Let people be wrong.

I have seen so much pain and so many personal fights over the last month that it hurts my heart. I have seen sexual assault victims be put down and relive their nightmare repeatedly. I have talked to friends who needed help because of chaos in their families. I have talked to people who had to change their lives to the better. It has all been within a month of my life.
This is not new, because my line of work is so much about healing and helping people to heal. It is about them finding their inner truth and stopping patterns they have no need for anymore.

I saw a quote today:

“In life, it is important to know to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.”

I agree; sometimes you got to just let go and let people be wrong and not give a damn. Too many people are driven by their egos and not their souls.

If they were driven by their soul, they would not have the need to be right. They would tell others how it makes them feel when others need to be right. There is a huge difference in approach and a very important one.

BUT, and it is a big but, when it is all about denial of abuse, attacks and things that have been traumatic, you should not give in. You might not be able to change what happened, but you need to heal and there is only one way. Telling people, working through the trauma, releasing the trauma, and then moving on.

You don’t have to shout from a rooftop if that is not how you are and work, but you need to speak your truth. Let people be wrong at times, because it is not worth fighting over right or wrong, but never lose sight of the bigger things.
You should never let anyone tell you that your trauma is worth less, and never existed. Release your soul’s power.

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