Just be yourself is one of the most annoying things people can say.

It is not that simple to be yourself. Well, it is, but we are different people in different settings. I bet you are not the same as with your mother as you are with your friends. Again, you might not at all be the same with your friends as you are at work.

We adapt and change what we say and do when the setting we are in change.

A woman once told me to eat a normal portion of food. I asked her what a normal portion is. I guess no one had ever asked her that before because she looked like the moon had fallen on her.  She did not know. It depended on the size of the person, and the hunger and so on.

The same way it is not easy to just be yourself. Most people don’t even know who they are. They just are. I hear the sentence, the most when people ask how to prepare for job interviews or exams. One of the most common places to hear it is when people are dating or trying to find that special one. Just be yourself, and that special one will find you.

If you have worked with yourself for years and untangled all the things from your childhood, or things that have happened to you, then you might know who you are, but I find that most people have not done the work. The essence of themselves is not clear to them, and that is ok.

I don’t think it is for everyone to start diving into past lives and levels of Soul Life. It makes life easier, but sometimes it can also make life harder.

Hunt for perfection

In this world of hunting perfection, it might be perfection people try to find and not their soul. Those I have met on the hunt for perfection are often more miserable than others, and they are searching for something that cannot be. Perfection is an illusion, and it is not “just yourself.”

There is just one perfect you, and that is who you are right now … and now… and always. You cannot change into perfection because we were all born perfect. We might have done things we are not proud of, and things might have been very bad, but you in your soul are still perfect. You cannot search for perfection because you are just perfect. How you portrait yourself with different people and alone, is a part of who you are too.

The next time someone tells you just to be yourself, ask them what edition of you they mean.

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