I read a load of posts and opinions of people all over the world. The other day I found a post where I absolutely disagree.
I think it is completely wrong what this woman wrote.
So, I am not going to tell you who she is, because that would be putting negativity out in to the world and inviting you to go at her.
I will on the other hand tell you what I think about the subject and how I am told things are.

The woman wrote on Facebook that whenever you are sensitive it is because of fear. Because we have been hurt and that it is a pure form of protection. That you are in fact “unliberated” when you live in sensitivity.

She did not write anything about it was only people who had been in traumatic situations, just that all sensitive people are caught in fear all the time.

I think she forgts there are more layers to the matter.

Some people are born super sensitive and have a very beautiful sensitivity that makes them see so much more intuitive, empathic and open than people without it. If you have been born with that kind of sensitivity, it is not based in fear but a way to live. It is simply how you perceive the world. This can be removed or treated.

If you have been through trauma, you can most certainly be sensitive, but then it is more a vigilanc than a sensitivity. I think there is a huge difference between scanning all situations for danger and being naturally sensitive. This is from trauma, and not at all something you are born with. This can also be treated, and handled, so that you are not always on alert.
There is a huge difference between the two kinds. You must first learn which one you have, and then you can work from there.

There have been written so many books on sensitivity that it is almost impossible to find your way in them.
I suggest you follow your instinct. Feel what book talks to you.

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