Today I was folding laundry and listening to the Olympics. A commercial came on and the lady ended the commercial by saying: “it worked for me, so it will work for you”.
I know it was a cleaning commercial, but to me it doesn’t matter what she was selling, it made me wonder.
I meet people who are grounded in this very belief. If it works for one it will work for anyone. I don’t understand why anyone believes this. Whenever you write a book or make a product, you know that it works for you, but you don’t truly know that it works for others.

The only sure thing you know is that it worked great for you.

The notion that one size fits all is absurd. Not all are alike. Too many self-help books are telling the story of how this fantastic new thing is perfect for everyone. I usually smile to myself and think that they know it worked for them, and great, but that does not mean that everyone will make it work for them.
Too many sit back with a feeling that they are wrong as a person if they cannot make it work when it seems (like?) everyone loves it. The fact is that they are just where they are, and this new, fantastic thing is not for them.

Listen to yourself first

I don’t think that it makes new things bad; I just think that sometimes people get so excited they forget that other people might be in another place and on another path. It makes everything right where it is supposed to be. You should never be too hard on yourself because you do not fit in to something, you should find out what your thing is.

A beautiful lady once told me: “you are the child of god – unique and special, just like we all are”. I loved her words because it is so important to remember that we are all different and unique.

Next time you feel lost, alone and like this new self-help word does not work for you, know that you are loved, unique and right where you are supposed to be.

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Elizabeth Brown-Shook · March 22, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Such a beautiful post!

    Alicia · March 24, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Thank you <3

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