Should Women make packed lunches for their husbands?

I read in an article in the Danish news feed today. It was all about a woman who asked, “the Internet” for ideas because she wanted to make great lunches for her husband.

People had complete meltdown on her. They had all these opinions about how she was living in the 50’s and how she was NOT his mother, and the list went on and on.
I read so many comments, both nasty and at some point, even disgusting comments seemed to be endless. I think it is so interesting how people seem to think that being online gives them permission to be unkind, uncaring and unloving.

When you hit enter, your comment is out there. It is out there in the universe to be manifested, heard and used for karma.
This woman eventually wrote a comment about her husband working a physically demanding job, cooking and cleaning at home, so she really wanting to give him something great for his packed lunch.


Maybe the judgment was people projecting their own situations onto a dynamic they had no idea about. Just maybe, it was a question about food and not suppressing women.

If it hurts no one, who are we to judge and tell others their lives are not good enough, or are wrong?

I am not talking about women who are being controlled or abused. I am not talking about girls and women who don’t have their free will. I am talking about women who are making their own opinions and are free to choose what they want in life.
I love that she wanted to do something great for her hardworking husband. She was caring and loving in her actions.
There is no such thing as black white. There is a shade of grey in everything, and that is part of being in being alive in this life.

What do you think about a woman making lunch for her husband?

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Hazel · November 13, 2017 at 9:56 pm

I actually think its quite sweet. In our house my husband can and does cook but I prefer to do it. His job is much more demanding than mine and I like to look after him, it makes me happy.

    Alicia · November 15, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    You have to do what makes you happy 🙂

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