Do you need forgiveness?

One of the things I have had the hardest time doing was to forgive myself. I had to forgive myself for putting myself in harm’s way, for not being good enough, not thinking through everything, not screaming stop, for not protecting myself, and so many other things.

There are so many people in the world who talk about forgiving and understanding others. I think we all need to start with ourselves and forgive all the things we have not let go. Forgiving others means nothing if you do not forgive yourself.

In Spirit, there is no punishment or judgment. Spirit has only love for you. In the bible, there is a heaven and a hell and judgment. This is not how I see Spirit. It is all about the learning process you have gone through on earth in this life. You are not punished but surrounded by understanding and love. Spirit is what we are all connected to when living on earth. It is our heart’s connection, our intuition, and our love.

Therefore, Spirit knows it is a learning process and not easy. If it were easy, there would be no learning. Essentially you need to forgive yourself for the things you need to let go. It does not mean you have to forget, but you need to let go of the thoughts of punishment. The clouds will hang over you like darkness if love and forgiveness are not in your process. It is not possible to truly forgive others if you cannot forgive yourself.
Once you have filled yourself with love and compassion, you can move on and have space in your heart for others.

Forgiveness if a personal thing you do not have to share with others. Too many think it is essential to tell people you forgive them. Otherwise, you are not done forgiving. I see forgiveness as something personal and a tool to fill your life with love. For you to forgive, you need to understand why things happen. Forgiveness is self-love that overshadows anything else.

I have been reading about a mother who forgave her daughter’s killer. She made sure we all knew that was what she did. One of the things I noticed was she said she could not forgive without screaming it out to the world. She was on tv and in the papers. She shouted and talked about it every chance she got.

What I saw was a woman who didn’t forgive herself for not protecting her daughter, and that was a way to make up for that. It seemed like she felt horrible, so she had to portray herself as a forgiving good person for her to convince herself. If she was shouting it out to everyone, she deflected the attention from her feelings of inadequacy. If you don’t forgive yourself, you don’t have to relate to yourself, and that is not loving.

Too many end up in the same situation. They hang on to so many other things that they forget to forgive the most important person. Themselves!

Have you forgiven yourself?

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