I checked in to a hotel today. Now and then, I stay overnight at a hotel to get a break from everything.

I recorded my very first ever podcast episode; it was so much fun. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

That is not really what I wanted you to know today. This hotel is one I have used several times now. I love it, and the staff is just the best. If you ever go to Denmark, you should try out a Scandic hotel; they have excellent service and a great concept.

The receptionist at this hotel has seen me many times, and she was great at greeting me. We got talking about my book, Levels of Soul life. She asked me so many great questions I thought I would answer some here of them for you to see.

Here is what the receptionist wants to know

Question: She wanted to know if I felt like my work is scary because she feels like it is terrifying.

I told her that, to me, it was just everyday life. It is not scary. I can see how it can be scary to some people, but mostly it is not scary. I have an agreement with spirit, so they don’t scare me. I mainly was frightened when I was a child and did not have a mentor or guide. Movies and tv have mad it much scarier than it is.

Question: She wanted to know how I could live with all the things I know. (talking about sad things)

This is one of the questions I get more often than other subjects. I know something, like deaths, illness, and other things. Often before people themselves discover it. Sometimes it can be hard to carry the knowledge of children who will leave life young or illness, but the reality is I cannot change their path.

When it is souls close to me, I get upset like anyone else, and it breaks my heart because I know these people. When it is no one close to me, I have taught myself to let it go. For years I was so sad and grieved things that were not mine. I realized I couldn’t change all the tragic stuff, so I have to let it go and know that it is a part of their soul’s journey.

These are the first questions she had for me. I hope it cleared up something for you.

Is there anything else about the work you want to know?

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