Saras pasport – it got lost and found

Today I must tell you about a conversation I had the other night. I was working on my new project for Soulguide, when I got a text message. Sara is a great soul that I have known for some time now.

The conversation:

Sara: Hey Alicia, can I just trouble you – can you please help me find my passport? It is in none of the places I thought it would be. – Sara
Alicia: hmm by cookbooks. I am shown a blue book or a darker color book.
Sara: Thank you, I will have a look.
Alicia: Do you have a bookcase where there are other kinds of books too, but it is a cookbook.
Sara: picture of bookcase and a dark blue cookbook No, I thought it would be this blue book that I often use… these are my cookbooks. Is this the ones you mean?
Alicia: hmm That basic cookbook in the right down corner… have you looked behind it?
Sara: hmm It is not there, I have to walk the dog and I will look afterwards in my own office, there might be a cookbook there. THANK you! I will be back.
Sara: picture of passport You are absolutely amazing!!! It was in the bookcase upstairs where I had put it in a pile – the top book was a cookbook!! THANK YOU!!
Alicia: Oh how amazing. I am so glad.
Sara: picture of pile with passport on top
I absolutely love my job, when I get to help people like that. The pictures I get are so clear, and I get to be the messenger.
Every day I am filled with gratitude and humbled by being the one who gets to help others.

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