Passed Soul looking out for his mother

Passed Soul looking out for his mother

This is my first blogpost in some time. I have been putting off writing a post, and all of the sudden, summer had passed. I have been writing my book and taking care of my Danish membership site all summer. I realized during summer that I need to do more. I need to write more blogposts and I need a membership site in English too.

One of the things I love in my life is to see people find their true path. It is amazing, to give another soul the chance to grow and be authentic.
That is what I love and I need to write about it again.

My book is almost done and will hopefully be out this fall. I cannot wait to reveal it to you.
During summer, I have been blessed with people who have been in need of my help, and my insight. I will tell you much more about it during the next posts.
I have been blessed with some great moments during summer. I have seen dead people, heard them, smelled them, felt them and even tasted them. I have heard some fantastic things and some sad things.

I love my work with the universe, and I will continue my work.

I did a talk at a summer camp, and it was so much fun. One lady, whom I have known for years now, was there. Her son passed some years ago, just six years old. He was driven down by a truck. He is one of the sweetest, most amazing souls that I have had coming on a regular basis. Every time his mother is there, so is he. Standing just besides me, telling me jokes and things she needs to hear.
During this talk, he was there and just letting me know that he loved her still. He told me to tell her he was not leaving. She did not cry, but she got emotional when I later told her he was there.

He talked about her laundry, her car and other things around the house. I just wanted her to know that it was ok and that he followed her everyday life. They have a very special connection and he is still here to take care of her.
I only see her once a year, but every time he is right there. The most beautiful soul, still looking out for his mother. In some ways he is just six years old, and on the other hand he is a soul, connected to the universe and so insightful.

How was your summer?

Did you get the summer you wanted and needed?

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