Do we need to do more than cure cancer?

We have an annual event in Denmark ”break Cancer.” It is a week of fundraising for the cause of curing cancer.

All from radio and TV-shows to social medias has competitions, there are loads of private events where you can give money for cancer research or a company will donate “for every like” they get on Facebook.
It all leads up to one big show being broadcast on TV, where celebrities are on the phone to receive donations, and you can even win a car.

I think it is great that they want to do something about cancer, however my thoughts on this annual event might be unpopular; I am actually saddened by the huge amount of cancer awareness.

It’s not that we shouldn’t support cancer research, of course we should. It’s just that my thoughts wander off to those who are not fighting cancer, to those who fight other things like sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, lupus, arthritis and a lot of other illnesses that are as horrible to get.

For some reason, in Denmark we think that cancer is the worst disease, but if you break it down there are so many kinds of cancer. Not just breast cancer, cervical cancer or leukemia, but more unknown kinds of cancer that are not researched because there is not enough focus on them. People die from other kinds of cancer because no one know they have it, because they are not the “popular” cancer types.

I am not saying we should not research. I am not saying it is not horrible to get any kind of cancer. But I am on the other hand saying, that we have more than cancer to cure.

Some family of mine have an autoimmune disease which only around 1.000 people in the world has, and she is dying from it. Slowly, painfully and surely. Almost no one knows of this disease, and even if they do the answer is often that no research is done because there are no funds.

So, my question is this; do we want more than just to “break cancer?”

Regardless, I hope that one day we will find a cure for both cancer and other diseases.

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