What makes a person impressive?

Impressive people are always rich. This was the statement of someone I met not too long ago. I had to really restrain myself from laughing. It made no sense at all. It made the person seem superficial and one-dimensional.
Let us run with her thought that people who are impressive are rich. We have to start with the impressive part. What makes someone impressive? Is it their way of making money, their way of accumulating things? What makes someone impressive?

I asked a whole bunch of people and the answers were mixed. Some thought that it was only materialistic things that made someone impressive. They had their focus on money, job and prestige. Another part of the people I asked had a totally different outlook on things. They talked about authenticity, compassion, courage, presence and inner strength.

It was such an eye opener to see how clearly, they separated into two groups of opinions.
Most of the people who were set on money and job were also people who talked about stress, being burned out, never looking back and had a lot to say about their ego. They were very focused on their ego and how they looked in someone else’s eyes.

I found it sad that they did not value core principles like compassion, authenticity and love.

They even said:

“You have to be an ass with a huge ego to be impressive, in everything and business.”

“Building a business from the ground up is impressive.”

“Having enough money to not be bothered by others.”

I found that very disturbing, but the person who said it said it like he was ordering a salad. Like being nasty was just a part of living.

In the other group of answers were people who said loads of things about inner values. Not one of them had money in their answers.
I found it so interesting that some of those were business owners and not in a mindset of being “an ass”. They had a strong belief that business had nothing to do with being nasty, but more about being a great person.

Some of the answers were:

“Helping someone is impressive, and those who face their inner demons for them to move forward.”

“It is so individual – it depends on where you are and what you have been through. Very personal.”

“True compassion, and empathy.”

“People who treat others with respect and dignity simply because we are all human.”

I loved these answers because it gave me a window into how they see the world, and why some are in a state of constant change and others are not.

What makes a person impressive to you?

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