Live session with passed soul talking

I was live today in my membership group.

It was just to check in with them and maybe give them some insights into next week’s topic. We have a different topic every week. All the sudden I started yawning repeatedly. People who don’t know me might think I was tired or had not had enough sleep, but usually it means that passed souls are right by me.

Only four people were online and I knew it was for one of them; a woman I hold very dear to my heart.
Her mother in law came to tell her so many things. The message of love was overwhelming and so touching. Her whole message today was love and expression.

She had to communicate how she felt, and how things were hard on her now.
This woman is so spiritual and such an angel it is inspiring. She does so much for others and sometimes she needs to know that the universe has her back.

Her mother in law was so loving, and she was telling her it was going to be ok, she was loved.
I know that she needed this connection, especially now, during a tough time in her life. Her mother in law was very persistent about expression and communication. The universe is a magical place because when you have a challenging time, they do anything they can to help.

I absolutely loved that we had a visit during live today. We have had them before, and it is very often passed souls come to talk when I am online.

One time I was online and we had orbs flying around my head. It was amazing just seeing them fly around and hear them talk. Usually it is just me seeing passed souls, but that time everyone could see them. I loved it!

My life is just filled with these small, magical moments.

I have been very blessed to be able to pass on messages from the universe.

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