Does your letters makes a difference?

Have you sent a letter lately, a paper kind of letter?

I have! I go out of my way to send cards and letters. Handwritten letters and cards.
There is something magical about someone taking the time to write and send a letter. In this world of busy people who forget to stop, a letter is a kind of love, a kind of compassion and thoughtfulness.

The cards I write these days are very special.

I have a grandmother who is getting old. She does not remember very well and our conversations are very uniform, because she cannot remember what she just told me.I write her letters and cards. A card with words from me; I live far away from her, and she’s got a hard time remembering our conversations. I choose to write to her instead. I even bought a pen and ink just to do something special.

I don’t write a lot of things in the cards. A little something about my days, what I do, how we are and thoughts about how I think she is.
I know I won’t get an answer, I know. I still write her. It does make a difference to her, I feel that in our conversations, even though she forgets it all the time.
I know she is disappearing into dementia, and my hope is that when she sees the cards she will know she is not forgotten or lost to us.

There is something magical about letters.

I spent some time writing spring letters, fall letters, Christmas letters. I know so many people say they don’t have the time and it‘s absurd.
It is a lot of time I spend on it. I chose to spend hours making others happy. It makes a big difference when a card comes and you know someone has been thinking about you.
That is a way of thinking about others, caring for and loving others.
In this busy world, far too few people write letters.
It might just be one or two hours of your life, but it makes a difference for the recipient.
I know that not all have the energy to write, paint and be creative. It is not necessary. Sometimes all you got to do is write words on a card or paper. “I did not forget you”.

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

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