Do you know your path?

Some weeks ago I was attending a webinar together with several other women. From the very moment I looked at one of these women, spirits started talking. I was trying to ignore them because I really wanted to listen to the webinar, but they were really insisting. I told them off.

The next webinar I attended she was there too, and so was the spirits. They were almost obnoxious. I ended up writing their words for her on a piece of paper that they told me to write; “weight doesn’t matter, live your life by doing – not learning. Just do it!” After I wrote these words down, finally I could listen to the webinar in peace.

I told the woman I would do a free reading for her after the webinar, because she needed to hear the words. I finally talked to her on Skype and told her all that the spirits had told me. They wanted her to know about and recognize her psychic gift, that it was strong and that she should “just do it.” She should trust in her path and that she was special and fantastic. I told her that she did not need any more school but she needed to do it.

She was listening but had a hard time wrapping her head around everything, and I do understand that it can be a lot to take in. She was already spiritually interested and this work was not far away from who she is, but she couldn’t see herself as a psychic just now. I know she is and that she will be great working as a psychic once she gets the confidence to do so.

I absolutely loved that she did not think she was as good as I believe she is. She is extremely gifted and will have to go through a process to get going, but she will be great.

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