I started leaving my body at a young age. Not for long just for short moments of seeing everything from a different perspective. I remember the somersaults I love because it was a freeing floating feeling.

After I while I remember thinking about what I was supposed to do with these free-floating out of body moments, I wanted to know more, but at the time there was nowhere to look for answers or anyone to ask. I turned to Spirit. I had been talking to them since I was just a baby. Communicating with them was not new to me in any way or form. The new thing was my ability to float over my body.
Spirit told me this floating could happen because my soul was always connected to my body, even when leaving it. At first, I did not understand being only around eight years old. After a while, I understood the importance of this new ability. I started to visit my grandmother. She lived 25 minutes away, and I could visit her and my grandfather. I always floated under the ceiling looking down at whatever was happening.
By the time I was 15 years old, I had been doing this maybe 50 times. I could not control when it was coming, but I had better control over what I could do with it.

I am now past 40 years old, and I have been using this tool, ability, or whatever you want to call it for years. I call it my superpower still, just like when I was a child.

I visited my grandmother on my father’s side. She was a great mentor for me, and she had very developed gifts like mine. She had always helped me and guided me. I did not know she was that gifted until I was in my teen years. It is not easy to start a conversation as a child saying do you see dead people too. Once I found out she was a source of inspiration.

I have used it to check in with dying souls to help them in their passage. Only when I know, people have been very sick and need to pass over. Only when I have been given permission. I am sometimes called to help, if it is souls, I have known, or spirit wants me to help.

People ask me if I still use it and I do. People are then ether scared or ask if I can teach others how to do it. I am sure if I wanted to teach it I probably could, but I don’t feel it is what I am called to do. I use it as a tool when I feel like I need to heal people when they sleep, but always with permission.

I need to have my ethical rules in place it is essential. You should never visit without permission just like if you come to someone’s house you should not just walk in without permission.

These floating moments are with some people called astral walking. I have not researched these because it is my own experience I talk about, and nothing else.

I hope you some day try this, because it is beautiful.

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